We founded ExpressWell on the premise that it makes sense to manage your own information.

A Little History
Alexandra Yperifanos and Andrew Hill started ExpressWell because they wanted to organize their thoughts before each doctor visit. Actually, it began many years ago, when Alexandra and her father, Nico Yperifanos, created a document together to manage his health information. They realized that doctors have little time, and that doctors and patients are human and can make mistakes. So, they distilled his critical medical history into one, easy-to-read page, a kind of ‘health resumé.’ They used this document repeatedly, for many years, insisting that doctors review it at the start of any appointment. Doctors began telling Yperifanos that this was exactly the kind of clear, easy-to-read information that helped them to understand their patients.

That’s it.

That was the start of the best tool we’ve found for visiting the doctor.

We realized that a doctor can’t read a patient’s mind, and that having an easy, clear, and concise way to start the conversation makes a world of difference. From there, we’ve decided to develop a number of tools that will help people organize their thoughts and express them. (“ExpressWell,” get it?) Our goal is to make life simpler for you. Stay tuned for other easy-to-use, super-duper helpful applications, for the iPhone and for the desktop.