By Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN from her blog BodBoss.”

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Most of us can relate to this perspective and should definitely consider taking Barbara’s advice!

There’s a wonderful episode in Seinfeld that showcases Elaine grappling with the implications of being labeled a “difficult” patient. She’s sitting on the examining table, waiting for the doctor, and picks up her chart. She sees that her doctor has previously described her as “difficult.” Through several scenes, we watch her reacting to a harsh reality: the label is passed from one physician  to the next through her medical chart. Her reputation precedes her, and she gets crummy care as a result.

The fear of being labeled “difficult” affects many of us, even we who consider ourselves self-confident and capable in other arenas of our life outside of health care. We’re a nation of pleasers when it comes to health care.

Unfortunately, wanting to please your healthcare providers and their staff can negatively affect the quality of your health care…

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