iPhone App to Organize Your Medical History

By Robyn Gross Stoller
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you Robyn Gross Stoller for sharing ExpressWell with your audience.

How to Quickly Explain Your Health History

By Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN “Have you ever felt tongue-tied explaining your health situation when the health provider walks in the examining room? Hard to put your life history into what entrepreneurs call an ‘elevator speech’?”

From ‘The Exchange’ a publication of the ALS Association

“It isn’t always easy to sum things up quickly. It can be especially difficult when you’re under pressure or feeling stressed. That’s why it makes sense to get your health history organized before it’s needed, whether for a doctor’s appointment, a consultation, or in case of an emergency…It’s so easy to forget important information. Having a quick summary of your health background and the issues you face can prevent errors and help ensure you get effective and timely diagnosis and treatment.”

ExpressWell Multi Released for the iPhone

ExpressWell Multi is the answer to managing your critical health information and that of your loved ones. Add up to ten profiles, and manage health data for your kids, spouse, parents, and others, all on your iPhone.

Nice mention in Get Healthy Magazine

We’re pleased to see our name turning up here and there, and lately, we had a nice mention in Get Healthy, an online magazine dedicated to, well, getting healthy!

Departures Magazine, January / February 2011

In a medical emergency, having fast access to the right information can make all the difference.

A nice mention on

Health & Medical Apps You Can’t Live or Practice Without

ExpressWell on the go…

We love how Charlie’s service really gets the immediate message out on the streets: ExpressWell is your health info on the go. Review of ExpressWell

We’re so pleased to read Lisa Fayed’s article about iPhone Apps for people with cancer, especially in light of her glowing review of ExpressWell among the 7 apps she covered.

ExpressWell for the iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s so simple to use that it’s silly not to use it.