Best Emergency Medicine References

By Julie Coe
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Health apps and services that put essential details and guidance at your fingertips.

In a medical emergency, having fast access to the right information can make all the difference. First there’s the matter of determining the severity of the situation. Apps like WebMD’s Symptom Checker ( can help you narrow in on possible diagnoses; iTriage ( uses GPS to locate the nearest emergency room. If no immediate care is available, ResQr First Aid & CPR Coach ($4; provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of scenarios. Next is knowing a patient’s allergies and medications, which can help a doctor make critical decisions. ExpressWell ($5; and My Medical ($2; are programs that allow you to store this information so it’s always on hand. For round-the-clock phone access to physicians who specialize in emergency medicine, the Black Bag consultancy (from $100 per day; offers a global network.


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