Use ExpressWell as a way to organize and communicate your critical medical information to your doctor. It’s easy to get started!

  1. Download ExpressWell to your iPhone or iPod Touch
    (we’re sorry, ExpressWell is no longer available in the app store).
  2. Enter your personal information
    • These are your vital stats: name, height, weight, age, blood type
    • Here you include your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact info
  3. Use each tab in ExpressWell to enter your critical medical information:
    • Medications: list any medications, supplements, or vaccinations you’ve taken / had, and details about the dosage or vaccination date.
    • Conditions: list any existing conditions you have, as well as onset date(s). Also list any allergies, onset dates, and reactions.
    • Events: list any major medical events you have experienced. This can include an accident, broken arm, or heart attack. Also list any procedures you have had, such as surgery or other medical treatment.
    • Doctors: list your doctors, their contact information, and specialties.
  4. Keep the information current!

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