February, 2010—Expresswell, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its flagship product, ExpressWell for the iPhone / iPod Touch. The application went on sale Feb. 11, 2010 in the iTunes store, and can be  downloaded from iTunes to run on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

ExpressWell is a new iPhone / iPod Touch app that helps you manage your personal medical information. It’s designed to be used when you visit your doctor, as an at-a-glance summary of your critical medical history, and as a reference tool throughout your visit.

It’s so simple to use that it’s silly not to use it.

“We developed this product because we really wanted something that we liked using, and we did not see anything out there that fit the bill,” said co-founder Alexandra Yperifanos. Yperifanos approached her partner, Andrew Hill, with the idea to develop this software. “It really came out of a document my father and I created together to track his health,” she said. “He took this single sheet of paper with his ‘medical resumé’ on it into every doctor visit. He insisted that the doctor read it at the start of the appointment, and it made a tremendous difference in the quality of the visit.” Doctors began telling Yperifanos that this was exactly the kind of clear, easy-to-read information that helped them to understand their patients. They appreciated that her father took the time to manage his information, and often said they wished they’d seen more patients doing this.

“When Alexandra approached me with the idea, I thought it was a no-brainer,” said partner Andrew Hill. “We both believe that patients today should take the initiative, and truly own their personal medical information. So we set out to create tools that would help them do that. A logical place to start was with the iPhone market, because the apps are relatively inexpensive and fast to develop. From there, we’re going to work on a desktop version.”

Yperifanos and Hill want to start a “mini-movement” in which patients are motivated to manage their own health information, and to participate actively in the conversations with their physicians. “Visiting your doctor shouldn’t be scary,” Yperifanos points out. “This is your appointment, it’s your body, so why shouldn’t you feel comfortable and in control? We created ExpressWell to make the conversation easier.”

With ExpressWell, patients can simply download the application to their mobile device, and take it from there. Entering, updating, and accessing health information is fast and easy. A password protection option keeps the patient’s information safe from prying eyes. ExpressWell makes managing your health information a breeze, and the fun, intuitive interface makes your visit to the doctor a little less scary.

To learn more about ExpressWell, visit www.express-well.com.



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