ExpressWell Multi is the answer to managing your critical health information and that of your loved ones. Add up to ten profiles, and manage health data for your kids, spouse, parents, and others, all on your iPhone.

New features include:

  • Individual Profiles:
    manage up to ten profiles
  • Headshots:
    a photo per profile to allow at-a-glance selection
  • Timestamp:
    ‘as of’ dates for all profiles, so you know who’s up-to-date, and who needs review

Other great features:

  • Your personal health information stays safe, on your person, not on a server somewhere (Why is this important?)
  • Passcode protection of ExpressWell keeps personal information from prying eyes
  • Clear organization, easy-to-recognize icons help you scan information quickly

About ExpressWell

ExpressWell founders Yperifanos and Hill see value in owning one’s information and controlling who sees it. The company’s mission is to inspire people to take control of their information and keep it with them to use when the time arises. The primary target audience is mothers who traditionally manage health details for themselves, children, spouses and aging parents.

“Today’s primary care-giver in a family doesn’t always look like your average mom,” says Yperifanos. “ExpressWell is for everyone: moms, dads, college students. All ages who use iPhones will benefit by taking the time to organize their critical health data into one of the ExpressWell apps and keeping it with them.”

“Getting people to want to be their own best advocates in medical situations is a serious subject. That said, ExpressWell’s interface is intentionally lighthearted,” says Hill. “We believe that a tool that makes you smile adds that extra ingredient of charm, making life a little nicer.”

“And it all stays safely on your device, not on some server somewhere,” adds Yperifanos. “ExpressWell not uploading any users’ personal data [into the cloud] supports our belief that privacy is key.”


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