The following excerpts are from a post by Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN titled “How to De-Frag Your Health Care” on her blog “BodBoss.”

Please read the excerpts below and the original post and, consider incorporating a similar plan into your health management routine. As she says ‘Of everyone involved in your health care, you’re the one with the most at stake.’

Excellent perspective and advice!

If your computer has ever slowed way down you may have been advised to “defrag,” which puts all parts of a file together in the same place on the drive, enabling it to run faster and more efficiently.

In much the same way, your health care needs to be de-fragged. For most people, health care is extremely fragmented, creating errors, delaying diagnoses and treatment and increasing costs. 

Even for the very healthy, the burden of keeping even two or three different doctors apprised of what you’re experiencing is typically on you. No one else is doing it…

It’s important you know that there is no little Tinkerbell picking up your medical records and automatically delivering them to the physicians in your life who should know what’s happening with you. Consider yourself the the person most responsible to collect written updates, copies of test results and lists of new and changed medications and get them to all your other healthcare providers.

What can you do?…

…get written copies of every test, procedure and surgery, keep a copy of each for yourself (you’ll be the only person on earth with a complete copy of your own medical record, by the way), and give copies to your healthcare providers. Ask questions when you don’t understand why someone wants to order a test for you. Bring a knowledgeable person along with you to healthcare appointments, if you like…

Be the hub of the wheel. Of everyone involved in your health care, you’re the one with the most at stake.

Read this entire post and some of the other insightful pieces by Barbara Bronson Gray on her blog “BodBoss.”

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  1. Thank you so much for picking up my blog post and spreading the word. I’m glad you liked it.

    All best wishes,

    Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN

  2. Alexandra says:

    You’re welcome Barbara, and thank you for writing so eloquently on this subject. Anyone reading this exchange should bookmark and check into it regularly. Barbara offers an excellent perspective about how to best navigate healthcare needs and the medical system within which we all exist. Again, thank you Barbara for your great work.

    Alexandra Yperifanos
    ExpressWell, Inc.