ExpressWell is simple to use.

To get it for your iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. Visit iTunes by clicking here.
    (We’re sorry, ExpressWell is no longer available on the iTunes App Store.)
  2. Download and install onto your device.

To use the app:

Using ExpressWell is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Enter your critical medical information into ExpressWell on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Keep it up to date, and use a password to protect your data!
Enter your critical medical data


Take your iPhone/iPod Touch with you to your doctor’s office when you have a visit.
Take with you to the doctor.


Use ExpressWell at the beginning of the visit to give your doctor your basic medical history. Use it throughout the visit to answer questions, and as a reference tool in your conversation.
Facilitate the conversation.

How do you enter your critical medical information?

Look at the icons at the bottom of the ExpressWell App. They are divided into sections for you to manage your information:

ExpressWell icons


The Summary Screen is the place to start when you speak with your doctor. It gives an overview of you and your critical medical information.


This area is where you should enter in data about any medication or supplement that you regularly take. Also enter in your vaccinations with dates, so that the doctor can see if you are current. When you return to your summary, each item will have an icon, to help you see, at-a-glance, what you’re taking.

medication = medication
vaccination = vaccination
supplement = supplement


Here is where you describe any chronic conditions, and any allergies. Make sure to include the start, or onset date, of the condition or allergy, as well as any reactions. When you return to the summary, you can see the difference between conditions and allergies by the icon next to each.

= condition
allergy = allergy


In this area, describe any events and medical procedures that have affected your medical history. When you return to summary, events and procedures will display the following two icons:

event = event
procedure = procedure


Here you enter the information about your doctor or doctors. Include specialists, and their specialty.

Remember, this is your appointment, and you should be able to use the time to best treat your needs. ExpressWell simply sets the stage to do that. It’s the starting point of your conversation with your doctor, and it’s a valuable reference tool throughout the visit.


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