OK, so maybe you don’t have an iPhone. Or maybe you have the app, but you’d still like to have something for your wallet or purse.

The ExpressWell wallet card. It’s FREE!

No sweat. You can still be prepared for your doctor visit!
It’s so important to us that more patients manage their own health information, that we’re posting the ExpressWell Wallet Card printable template for the outstanding price of … FREE.
That’s right, free.

Go ahead, download the free Wallet Card template, and fill it out already!

It’s easy.
Print out the PDF file. (Can’t open a PDF? Get the Adobe Reader here.)
Follow the instructions on the page:

  1. Fill out your critical medical information.
  2. Cut out your card and fold along the dotted lines.
  3. Put it in your wallet or purse, so it will stay with you.
  4. Update it regularly with any changes.

If more patients start taking control of their own health information, more patients can make a difference in their own health. If enough of us take the time to manage our information and actually talk to our doctors, we can have a really positive impact on healthcare today.

So download your Wallet Card today. Download one for each of your family members.

Tell a friend about it, and tell that friend to tell a friend.


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