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The Value of Having a Health Resume Ready to Share

It isn’t always easy to sum things up quickly. It can be especially difficult when you’re under pressure or feeling stressed.

That’s why it makes sense to get your health history organized before it’s needed, whether for a doctor’s appointment, a consultation, or in case of an emergency. Now you can use a free wallet card or an iPhone app to help you store your key information and have it ready when you need it.

“It makes sense to manage your own information,” says Alexandra Yperifanos, founder of ExpressWell, Inc. She and Andrew Hill started the company – and created the iPhone app and wallet card system – because they wanted to help people organize their information and have it quickly accessible.

Years ago, Alexandra and her father, Nico Yperifanos, created a document to manage his health information. They summarized his critical medical history into one, easy-to-read page, a kind of “health resumé.” They used it frequently, asking doctors to review it at the start of any appointment. His physicians said it was just what they needed: clear, easy-to-read information that helped them quickly understand their patients.

The tool was designed to be especially helpful should you have difficulty communicating your health history, due to ALS or other diseases and conditions that can affect your speech or ability to communicate, Yperifanos says.

“It’s a brief description of who you are,” she says. Information entered and stored includes, for example, blood type, medications you’re taking, allergies, conditions, surgeries and procedures you’ve had, the name and contact information for your physicians and emergency contacts, your height and weight, and the name of a family member or friend who knows you well enough to talk about your health status with a healthcare professional.

You can get the app on iTunes, ($4.99, or $5.99 for a version that allows you to enter profiles for up to 10 people). Just download it on your phone, fill in the information, and then, when needed, simply hand your phone to a health professional. A free wallet card is also available on the website as a back-up tool, or for those without iPhones.

It’s so easy to forget important information. Having a quick summary of your health background and the issues you face can prevent errors and help ensure you get effective and timely diagnosis and treatment.

By Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN

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